Boston Globe says: Ed is "Aces, as usual" in Macbeth and Equivocation thru Nov 11

Photo by Nile Scott Shots

Photo by Nile Scott Shots

“This month, the company is mounting two productions while staying put in one place (the sanctuary of Brookline’s United Parish), but still aiming high — indeed, undertaking one of the most ambitious projects of the fall theater season.”

Hoopman makes for a charismatic, commanding Macduff, equally compelling in his anguish after the slaughter of his family and in his determination to put an end to Macbeth’s reign of terror.””

And from Boston Arts Diary on Equivocation: “The evocative and expressive Ed Hoopman brings to life King James as well as Thomas Wintour, another Gunpowder conspirator.”

TICKETS and INFO for both Macbeth and Equivocation can be found here. Now through November 11th!

Macbeth cast members include Steven Barkhimer* (Duncan, Porter) and Maurice Parent* (Banquo), Nael Nacer* (Macbeth), Paige Clark* (Lady Macbeth), Ed Hoopman* (Macduff), Kai Tshikosi (Malcolm), Jade Guerra (Lady Macduff), Alex Cassillas (Ross), Trinidad Ramkissoon (Lennox) and Shanelle Villegas (Fleance).

The design and production team includes Jon Savage** (Scenic), Laura Hildebrand (Lighting), Rachel Padula-Shufeldt (Costumes), Elizabeth Cahill (Sound), Joe Stallone (Props), Suzanne MacDonald (Dramaturg), Jesse Hinson* (Violence), Christine Hamel* (Vocal Coach), Marsha Smith* (Stage Manager), Lauren Burke* (Assistant Stage Manager) and Deb Sullivan (Production Manager).

Equivocation cast members include Steven Barkhimer* (Shagspeare) and Maurice Parent* (Robert Cecil),  Nael Nacer* (Richard Burbage), Ed Hoopman* (Sharpe), Kai Tshikosi (Armin) and Kimberly Gaughan (Judith).

The design and production team include designers Jon Savage** (Scenic), Laura Hildebrand (Lighting), Jessica Pribble (Costumes), Elizabeth Cahill (Sound), Joe Stallone (Props), Caley Chase (Dramaturg), Marsha Smith* (Stage Manager), Lauren Burke* (Assistant Stage Manager) and Deb Sullivan (Production Manager).

Old Money by Wendy Wasserstein

Come see Ed in Commonwealth Shakespeare’s newest production at Babson College.  Now thru March 18th. More information and tickets:

Ed with Jeremiah Kissel 

Ed with Jeremiah Kissel 

“Old Money” has the evergreen virtues of depth, complexity and staying power. Expect to take this one with you into the future, because you’ll be pondering it for days (if not years) to come.

"Hilarious" Ed Hoopman in Peter and the Starcatcher at Lyric Stage

Peter and the Starcatcher now open at Lyric Stage!

"In capturing the exuberant over-the-topness of the pirate leader, Ed Hoopman channels an earlier Lyric role – that of Groucho Marx from “Animal Crackers.” He was hilarious then, and he is equally hilarious now, strutting across the stage and barking orders to the groveling Smee (Alejandro Simoes)." - Cape Cod Times

Show description: An acclaimed new play that uses ingenious stagecraft, the talents of a dozen of our favorite actors, and the limitless possibilities of your imagination to create theatrical magic.  Peter and the Starcatcher chronicles the adventures of Molly, a girl charged to protect a cargo of stardust from falling into the wrong hands, and an orphan named Peter who eventually becomes The Boy Who Never Grew Up.  Peter and the Starcatcher is a swashbuckling grownup prequel to Peter Pan that will have you hooked from the moment you let your mind take wing. As the NY Times raved, “this show never stops flying!”

Buy Tickets and see more here.